Today our house has lost the stairs. No more steps to go to the second floor! Instead, we have and ultimate indoor SLIDE!

slide for indoors

To make the story short, kids just desperately needed some active play and outside wasn’t an option. So what a parent to do! Make a slide!

Make your own cardboard slide on your stairs 

You will need:

  • 2 big cardboard boxes. Preferably at least one with ‘slidy’ surface.
  • Tape

You will also need a soft surface to land on. We had carpet and some pillows on the floor.

Open your cardboard boxes and put them on the stairs lengthwise. We used 2 boxes to keep it more sturdier. Make sure to put the ‘slidy’ box on top so the slide will be smoother. Tape ONLY 1 SIDE of the box to the wall. The other side leave it not taped, so the kids can lift it up and go up the stairs million times for another slide.

Watch how much fun the kids had on this DIY indoor cardboard slide.

To change things up, let them slide on the pillow, on another smaller piece of cardboard, let them slide together, on their bellies, head down. Later my little one incorporated some of his cars, trains into the game and let them slide off.


The fun has lasted literally through entire day.


  • Adult supervision
  • Helmets
  • No sharp corners around