How to make a sock doll

My daughter’s birthday was coming up and I really wanted to give her a homemade doll.  So I made it and today I am sharing with you a tutorial about how to make a sock doll without pulling out your sewing machine (and your hair).
So what doll did I make?
You have 1 guess….
It’s 2014 and I believe there is only 1 doll every little girl wants this year.
Yes. You are correct. It’s Elsa (or Anna) from Disney’s movie Frozen.

make elsa doll from a sock

How to make a sock doll tutorial

Things you will need:

  • old or new white girl size tights
  • some cotton to stuff the doll
  • white ribbon
  • 2 shades of blue fabric
  • scissors
  • hot glue gun (ideally)
  • some markers (black, blue, red)


1. Cut the tights in half.

2. Stuff one leg with cotton. Tie it on top, leaving some length for the hair. Glue the bottom together.

3. Form the’ sock doll by dividing into body pieces: head, middle part and “skirt”. Secure every part by tying the ribbon under.

4. Braid the hear.

5. Use the other leg of the tights for the doll’s arms. Measure desired length you want the hands to be and cut it. Put some cotton and glue on one side.

6. Roll it  into a thin tube. Secure the ends with the ribbon.

7. Cut two small holes in the middle part of the doll (on the sides).

8. Pull the hands through the hole.

9. Make the dress. Measure and cut fabric for the sock doll. and secure it on the back with glue. Glue the second part of the dress on the back of the hands.

10. Paint the face. I managed to draw eyes and lips. Also I colored Elsa’s hair yellow to add more color to the doll. But it’s all up to you how you accessorize and make it one of a kind.

doll sock for elsa

Did she like it?

Actually, it was my first sock doll (or any kind of doll) I have ever made. I doubted if I can create something relatively close to Elsa and if my daughter would play with her. But here she is with her never separating. Literally. They sing songs, dance, sleep together, we went on the trip today and Elsa had her own seat on the train.

homemade elsa doll

A very special gift

I knew making homemade gifts is an awesome thing,but I didn’t expect this to be so special. I don’t know was it because it was a doll for my daughter’s birthday or was it because I was sneaking around a lot so she wouldn’t see me making it. But I know 1 thing for sure: she would never trade her for the store bought doll. Yes, she does have imperfections (quite few, actually) but she is unique and there is no other like that.

My mama made her…

I heard Sofia saying proudly to the lady sitting next to us in the train.


diy elsa doll sock

How about you? Would you consider making a doll for someone special? Holiday time is coming up and there is nothing better than a warm homemade gift.

sock doll elsa frozen

Here is more from our “Frozen fever” series: it started with creating hilarious Frozen parody, then we made Elsa’s dress craft and of course we had to make Olaf costume for Halloween.
I have a feeling the fever won’t go down. I can just say – Olaf is next!
EDIT: Here is Olaf.

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    1. Birute Efe

      Mihaela, you are so sweet. Thank you so much.

    1. Birute Efe

      Thanks, Jamie. It is actually pretty easy… No sewing machine means easy for me.

  1. Thanks for linking up at The Crafty Mamas! Your Elsa doll is absolutely adorable! I featured it this week in my round up!

  2. this is such a cute idea!! i love how it turned out! Thanks for sharing this at the Create link Inspire party. it’s being featured today at Nap-Time Creations… I’ve shared it all over my social meadia.. i’d love any reshares you could do, thanks! Emily

  3. My daughter would LOVE this one – it’s amazing what you can make with a sock! lol!

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