Story Telling Activity That Teaches Recycling


There are many activities to encourage kids storytelling.

Instructions for the Story telling activity about recycling 

  1. Get some words related to environment, recycling, green living etc. Here is  the list of the words I printed out.
  • 3 girls who care about environment
  • lady with a lot of trash
  • global warming
  • recycle
  • trash
  • most amazing
  • metal
  • waste
  • renew
  • green
  • announce
  • dirt
  • compost
  • chemicals
  • ozone
  • lovely
  • earth
  • paper
  • breath
  • reduse
  • reuse
  • organic
  • throw away
  • bin
  • glass

When picking the words  for this storytelling activity it is a good idea to have 1-3 characters for the sake of the easy story flow.

Pick words that match your theme (in our case was the Recycling theme).

Add random words that don’t really match the theme to create some ‘spice’ to the story.

2. If there are any words that seem unfamiliar to your child – briefly introduce them and explain what they mean.

3.  Print those words out and cut them up. Put them in the bowl, jar, bag for easy access.

4. Start the activity by picking the word (without seeing them).  Every picked word should make at least 1 sentence. Take turns. When needed help/twist/turn the story to keep the interest.

storytelling activity

5. It’s storytelling. It should be fun, sometimes silly and of course very creative. Even if it’s educational, it doesn’t always have to be realistic.

We loved this storytelling activity about recycling

It was a perfect way to make a possibly boring subject  (global warming/recycling) for a 5-year old into a really educational AND FUN activity.

My daughter learned about global warming through her own story which makes her relate to the subject personally and understand the topic much better.

Here is how we started the story

– Once upon a time there were 3 girls who cared about the environment . Their names were Earthy, Windy and Sunny.


– As they were walking down the street they saw one house. The lady with a lot of garbage was standing in front of it.

– Sunny said: “Good morning, dear. Are you about to throw away all this stuff?”

– Yes, girl. I don’t need this garbage anymore.

– Did you think about recycling?

Lovely. What is that? I don’t need any bicycles.

– Suddenly out of nowhere a monkey appears in the front yard. She is eating organic banana.

– …..

storytelling acitivity

Quote of the day

Later that day after we had this activity,  Sofia said:

“So when somebody steals something that is called recycling, right? They are reusing the thing, aren’t they?”

Meanwhile I am off to creating another educational storytelling activity about … stealing.

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