Storytelling Activity That Rocks. Literally.

Looking for a storytelling activity to encourage child’s imagination and boost creative thinking?

How about these colored rocks that will blow your child’s mind.

And creative storytelling over the roof!

storytelling activity

What if I tell you that this visual storytelling activity will have your child playing for days while creating stories one after another.

All you need is some rocks, colors to paint them, brushes and a box to put all the beauty, oh… and some time of course (but if you do it during your favorite TV show it doesn’t count).

Painting the rocks is another story.

Basically this storytelling activity speaks by itself and it doesn’t need much introduction for a child. Just give the rocks and provide some space.

Sit back and enjoy the stories. (or the TV show)


 Rocks in the box get to change their outfits (since the head and the body are separate)


Rocks in the Box even have names (but I can’t spell them).storytellingactivityCollagePicked her favorite Rock in the Boxstorytellingactivity2

Why you should consider doing this storytelling activity

  1. It’s fun. The storytelling naturally happens through the game.
  2. It’s perfect to play for your child my herself or with some friends.  It could also be played in the classroom with more kids. As long you have enough characters.
  3. It’s very mobile. Take it anywhere you want it. We made the box, but if we take them on the trip we will put them in the small fabric bag.
  4. When you add new rocks, new stories come out. It’s a never-die activity.
  5. It will show a child that rocks can be story characters too. Hopefully next time at the park your child will spot a “new actor” for his rock play.
  6. It’s a craft too, if you make it together. Involving a child into painting the rocks for this activity will help him be more interested into storytelling.
  7. It’s great motor activity too: handling all those small rocks in different shapes, turning them right direction, matching them.
  8. It’s CHEAP. Gotta love that!

 Extra ideas:

  • if you are not up to painting the rocks, consider decorating them with stickers, coloring them with crayons, markers
  • you can paint/decorate the rocks from both sides to have more characters and stories to tell.
  • if a child has a hard time creating a story, help her out by picking a random painted rock and starting by: “once upon a time, when I was living in a castle” …


Enjoy storytelling with rocks

7 thoughts on “Storytelling Activity That Rocks. Literally.”

    1. birute

      Thank you, Michelle. Pet rocks – is next for us I guess 🙂

  1. These are fantastic! I would use them in my home FOR SURE!

    1. birute

      thanks, Dayna. Try painting them, it’s really not that hard.

      1. birute

        thanks, Dayna. Try painting them, it’s really not that hard.

  2. I love this! We painted rocks before but not so creatively as this and with so much play potential afterwards, these are really cool

    1. birute

      Thanks, Anna. It was a nice discovery for us too. It still is actually 🙂

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