Stress Free Day At The Beach With The Kids

Beach days before the kids were totally different than they are now with the kids. I used to throw a towel, some sun protection and a good book along with bottle of cold water. It’s not the same anymore once the kids were born.

Let’s admit, it’s a bit stressful.

turan beach

But this year, since we moved to the beach and live few blocks away from it we decided to simplify beach days, because, well, every day is a beach day for us now.

Beach Tips For Families

So here are my 7 tips on how to turn beach day into a success. For everyone. Including you!

1. Best time to go

We usually go in the mornings. We arrive before 10 am and find the beach almost empty. The sun isn’t strong enough and we make it home before the heat comes. And if there is a big demand we go back to the beach in the evening, after dinner.

2. Location. Location. Location 

Choose a good spot. Don’t be lazy and walk extra steps away from the entrance. The longer you walk the better spot you will get. We usually walk along shore because dragging beach bag and helping kids, and at the same time walking in the sand is a bit challenging.

Also, settle down as close to the water as possible. It will be easier to watch the kids when they are in the water.

3. Quiet time

If your kids usually take nap during your beach time, get their favorite blanket and a beach tent or an umbrella.

My older daughter doesn’t nap anymore, so I just get her favorite book and she gets a chance to have her quiet time as if we were at home.


5.  Snacks 

If you are like me you don’t want to drag a whole big cooler with you just for couple of hours at the beach, but kids still need that cold water and some cool snacks. So what I usually do is freeze water bottles the night before. I also freeze some fruit, like grapes… They stay cold and very refreshing.

We love taking homemade granola bars once we had them in the freezer for the night. They stay perfectly cool until kids get hungry. They don’t take much space and they are fulfilling.

6. Entertainment

Have some games for kids in mind in case swimming isn’t an option that day. Read more about it here.

7. Sun protection 

Planning ahead is key. Especially when it comes to sunscreen.

I usually apply Banana Boat® sunscreen 30 minutes before we head out and then I reapply again after 2 hours.


A fun tip for the kids 

Make sunscreen application fun. Encourage kids to make up a melody and then words to sing a silly song while applying sunscreen. It keeps them engaged and makes it feel like less of a chore.


ella with banana boat

I truly hope you get to have a stress free beach day with the kids.