The best Christmas Family Games!

Tadadaaam! Christmas is coming so fast, but you are still thinking about the holiday evening activities like Christmas family games? Curious how to find the best ones? Here is where this book we’ve created comes in handy! Start creating some childhood memories with the first ever VIDEO E-BOOK for CHRISTMAS FAMILY GAMES!

I am so happy to introduce the e-book, cause it’s super easy to use and it has the best collection of Playtivities games! In other words, it’s 51 Family Games for your upcoming Christmas party, which will definitely create that holiday spirit at home!

51 Christmas Family Games

About Christmas Family Games Video E-book

I collected the best Christmas family games you can play during Christmas evening or even during the New Years Eve party! I know that you have A LOT of preparation before (meals, gifts, housework etc..), so these games don‘t require any preparation or need just a little, they are great for all ages and are super fun to play!



51 Christmas Family Games Video Ebook

What kind of games can you find in the ebook?

  • TEAMWORK GAMES – yes, these games are not only hilarious, but build some teamwork skills as well! It’s the best choice if you have some guests in your house!
  • SILLY GAMES –  we have a lot of things to handle, so these games are the perfect choice to boost your energy and get some positivity as well!
  • TO THE FINISH! – if you have energy boost throughout the day and can’t sit still behind the dinner table, these games are a perfect choice to your family. Spend some time together playing active games!
  • MINUTE TO WIN IT – I think, you already know it! The best choice for fast and fun games. Won’t last long, games take only a minute to win, but heaps of laugh guaranteed!
  • AND THIS IS NOT THE END… You can find VIDEOS + PRINTABLES of almost each game!

And you are right, this is all-in-one!  Already curious? Don’t miss out on this 51 CHRISTMAS GAMES BUNDLE and start creating memories that children will talk about for years to come.

Playtivities Family's Favourite Games

Remember, if you are out of ideas for your Christmas party, you will always find some cool thoughts and suggestions here!


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The best Christmas Family Games!