Fun Things To Do With Kids In Lithuania

I was born and raised in beautiful Lithuania. I have always been proud and happy to be a citizen of such a small yet very unique country.

I don’t live there now, but we do go back often as a family.

Today I am sharing with you 10 fun things to do with kids in Lithuania. (You know, just in case you get to go there one day).

We found these family friendly activities to do in Lithuania through here.

Sea Museum – Aquarium, Dolphinarium

It’s impressive. Especially the Dolphin show. My kids got to see a 3 week dolphin and were so stocked about it.

We had a chance to explore the history of sea life, view seal and sea lions’ show, have a walk in the dungeons and take part in interactive touchscreen quizzes to test our knowledge of sea biology. Find more info about this tour.

come2lithuania 2

 Uno Park – adventure parks

Where playgrounds go to a total different level. Total. There are endless outdoor play opportunities to enjoy beautiful Lithuanian forests and fresh air. It is definitely a unique experience with many obsticles and fun challenges.

Our kids loved zip-lining across the river most. I enjoyed rock climbing.

uno park


Toy Museum

The museum has some of the most amazing toys from my childhood, my mother’s, grandmother’s and grand grandmother’s childhoods. It was very sentimental and so rewarding to be able to show my kids the toys that I played with when I was little.

The goal of the museum is not to collect all possible toys and games. They try to pick and choose the most interesting ones and to present them to the visitors so they can SEE, LEARN and TEST them!

The Toys’ Museum transmits scientific knowledge about the history of toys from the oldest to modern times in a family friendly way, through personal experience gained playing with toy replicas, participating in workshops, listening to fairytales, taking part in discussions and conversations with professional educators.

You can see some of the toy exhibits here.

Find the rest of family friendly activities to do in Lithuania here.

fun things to do with kids in lithuania