50+ Things To Do With Kids For a Family On the Budget

Looking for things to do with kids this summer? I got you covered. I worked hard (really hard) but I am so excited to present you THE BEST ideas for the funniest summer ever!

Good news is that almost all of these summer activities won’t cost you a dime (well, maybe just a few). Yet your kids will have some family quality time and definitely the greatest summer memories of all time!

Things to do with kids this summer

Things to do with kids

Make toys 

Sometimes kids are bored  because they are just tired of the same toys they see all day every day. Instead of going to the toy store and spending too much hard earned money, why not to make toys yourself. It’s double fun: kids get to participate in the process and the toy they MADE THEMSELVES is much more unique and fun to play with! 

DIY Summer Toys For Kids

  1. Make the coolest Catapult.  Kids Activities Blog
  2. Paint some rocks and have a story time. Playtivities
  3. Make cars and a car track from rocks. Playtivities.
  4. Enjoy Cool Ice Bowling. Learn. Play Imagine
  5. Balloon yo yo. Tinkerlab
  6. 25 Homemade Toys in this ebook. Playtivities
  7. Make hot air balloon. Bkids.typepad
  8. Pool noodle toys for some outdoor play. Learn. Play. Imagine
  9. Create a foamerator. Tiffkeetch
  10. Make pom pom shooter. Red Ted Art
  11. Make Lego Calming Jar after a busy summer day. Lemon and lime adventures.
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Go outside

It’s a must do summer activity. Gladly it will never get boring with all these things you can do with your kids.

Summer Outdoor Activities For Kids

  1. Make slip and slide. Upliftingmayhem
  2. Begin gardening with kids. Educator’s Spin on it
  3. Make your own water shooter. Playtivities
  4. Make water blob. Playtivities
  5. Play super fun games with water balloons. Parscaeli
  6. Build easy swing from plastic box. Playtivities
  7. Have a scavenger hunt. Alexandra Hedin
  8. Make easy DIY mini pool in the sand box. Playtivities
  9. Have a backyard circus. Classic Play
  10. Launch Ping Pong Ball Snowmen. Buggy and Buddy
  11. Set up music station and play some drums. Playtivities

Have a family time

Summer is the perfect time for some extra family time. There are so many things to do together. I found 10 family time activities that I want to try out this summer with my family. They are totally great ideas and things to do with kids this summer.

Summer Family Activities

1. Improve your relationship with your kids using one of my best parenting advice. Playtivities
2. Have a movie night with DIY outdoor movie theater. Wholesomemommy
3. Make Giant bubbles together. Tatertotsandjello
4. Have a backyard camp. Mykidsadventures
5. Have a volunteer vacation. Volunteerhq
6. Make a family tree. Genealogy. Love to know.
7. Make ice cream in a bag. Coffee  cups and crayons.
8. Make outdoor game board on your deck. 36th Avenue
9. Let the kids cook dinner. Sportsmomsurvivalguide
10. Make a funny family music video like this:

Things to do with kids: Do a craft

You don’t have to be a crafty person to help your child with his/hers crafts. Take a look at these wonderful yet so simple crafts. Most of the materials you already have at home, so no need to rush to the store.

Summer Crafts For Kids

1.DIY Telescope craft. Hands on as we grow.
2. DIY shell necklace.  Kids Activities blog
3. Dry some flowers and press them. Do wonderful crafts from it. Red Ted Art
4. Outdoor Tic Tac Toe. Playtivities
5. Nature weaving craft. Craftiments
6. Make wind spinners from juice boxes. Joyfullyweary
7. Colorful Mason Jar Lantern with Beaded Handle. Buggy and Buddy
8. Fireflies that light up. Apartment therapy
9. Sun catchers. Feelin crafty
10. Die T-shirts with markers. The art girl jackie tutorials
11. Build watermelon house. Playtivities

watermelon craft

Learn something

Summer is perfect opportunity for kids to learn through play. It’s like they don’t even feel or suspect when they are learning something new. Use this opportunity and make their little brain work hard this summer.

Summer Learning Activities For Kids

1. Get into Summer Science activities. Fun-a-day
2. Start a summer book club. Classic Play
3. Do some geocahcing. Classic Play
4. Water balloon phonics. Mess for less
5. Have some fun themed dinner nights for kids. Beauty and bedlam
6. Learn photography by playing this fun photography game. Playtivities
7.. Encourage reading under this super cool (literally) fort. Hands Made Art
8.. Learn more about dinosaur fossils. Brain Power Boy
9.. Have summer school for 20 minutes a day. Happy kids busy mom
10. Make summer learning cool with this fun activity. Teach Mama

Things to do with kids this summer


And in case you are overwhelmed with all the things to do with kids this summer, remember that boredom is one of them too. Stop feeling guilty and read my article: What Happens When Kids Get Bored…

I hope you enjoyed my roundup!

What is your most favorite things to do with kids during summer? 

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