Thoughtful Ideas for Mother’s Day! 5 Ways to WOW Mom!

Looking for thoughtful ideas for Mother’s day to WOW your Mom?

There are so many pressures surrounding Mother’s Day now. The perfect gift, the perfect surprise, the perfect meal. Let’s face it though, without Mom in charge, is it ever really perfect? I prefer thoughtful over perfect any day, and you may just be surprised how many Moms out there will agree with me. A thoughtful Mother’s day breakfast made by kids? A DIY flower bouquet? But this year I have done a full list for you about five simple and thoughtful ideas to WOW her this mother’s day.

thoughtful ideas for mother’s day

How the thoughtful ideas for Mother’s day came to my mind?

I used to work for a luxury hotel company. They daily encouraged us to think outside the box, and go that extra mile to wow our guests. Simply so that their stay with us could never be forgotten. Whether it was nipping out to collect their favorite type of pastry from the oldest bakery in the city or having a picture of their family in their room on arrival if it was a business trip, we were constantly reminded that it is those tiny details that matter the most. Just the fact that someone has given that extra bit of thought can be a memory of a lifetime.

I am mom who pretty much never gets spoiled on Mother’s Day and usually has to drop 100 hints just to make sure it’s not completely forgotten. So, I can only imagine how lovely it would be to have your family really WOW you, with the small stuff. Moms are not necessarily looking for huge gestures, we want the thought.

We are constantly thinking in the moment, thinking ahead, thinking about the mess to tidy, thinking about tomorrow and if everything is packed for school, thinking about next week and who we are meeting before soccer practice. It is endless. Let us switch off, just for one day.

You are probably thinking ‘it can’t possibly be super simple to give the WOW factor’ but I promise you it is. And not only that, it MAKES PERFECT SENSE:

5 Super Simple Ways to WOW your mom this Mother’s day


One of the most important points is to plan the day ahead of time. Do NOT leave it to the last minute, and don’t ever say to her ‘well what do YOU want to do?’ PLAN IT YOURSELF.

There is nothing worse than to make decisions on Mother’s Day. We are always thinking about others and leaving us to decide only causes us anxiety as we don’t want to upset anyone by making the wrong choice. It’s just a Mom thing. So just plan ahead and take that stress away from her altogether. If she is someone that doesn’t like surprises, then just let her know it’s all under control. And make sure it is!

When you can tell her what you have planned for her on Mother’s Day morning, believe me she will be thinking WOW!

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This one can be quite a foreign concept as Mom is always the one doing the tidying. For example, and I think most of you will completely relate to this:

If you are going to bring Mom breakfast in bed, then please, when she is in the bath or shower afterwards (alone!), quickly change the bedding for her. There is nothing worse than a bed with crumbs inside. We all know how the perfect breakfast in bed scenario really goes with everyone in the family piling in with her and food goes everywhere.

She will never tell you that she’s desperate to change the bed afterwards for fear of breaking your heart. But if you do it for her? Now that is the WOW factor, and how SIMPLE!

If she really isn’t a breakfast in bed type of person then you can WOW her similarly just by clearing everything up from the breakfast you have made her. Just have the family act as little waiters and waitresses!

Think of all the things she loves but never buys for herself. Maybe a special brand of coffee or her favorite flowers on the table. Make it simple but super thoughtful, creating a memory forever.

We have some brilliant and fun Mother’s Day breakfast ideas!

thoughtful ideas for mother’s day


Leave her to get herself ready in peace. Give her some space and if you have planned ahead of time and know where you are going, what you’re doing then you can have everything needed for the kids already sorted. Don’t forget the diaper bag essentials, food for the baby and toddler (if you have them) and some toys to keep them amused.

When you are out try to let her relax as much as possible. Dad can do a diaper change if needed (oh yes he can!). If a toddler needs the toilet Dad can go.

Kids will undoubtedly always ask for Mom first but at least make the offer to do it. Even just the offer and the thought will go a very long way in her mind. If my husband ever made these offers my jaw would drop, so believe me she will think ‘WOW’ I really feel special.


This is one that I think tends to go unnoticed. Everyone rallies around making sure Mom rests on the sofa, maybe she even has a nap. And that is wonderful BUT it doesn’t mean what she would normally be doing should just be left until tomorrow. Oh no, PLEASE DON’T DO THAT.

Put on a laundry, make sure the school uniforms are ready for the morning. Get the dishwasher loaded and on, ready for the next day. All kids tidy their rooms. Pick up the toys from the floor and give the house a general tidy up so that she isn’t left with complete carnage the following day. What happens then is all your hard work and surprises have gone to waste because she has a mammoth tidy up to do. JUST DO IT!

To make things even more fun you could also play our Mother’s Day Board Game!

And whilst you do that if she is on the sofa resting or asleep, cover her with her favorite blanket. I once woke up from a nap to see that my six year old had covered me with his own favorite blanket and a lavender scented dinosaur. I swear it was the cutest thing EVER to wake up to, I will never forget it.


There is so much hype around Mother’s Day and what gifts we SHOULD be buying. What we tend to forget is the personal touch. To buy something that hasn’t just been marketed for Mother’s Day that she will never ever use.

I asked many friends about this and they completely agreed with me. They have had so many Mother’s Day gifts that have never been used but they keep them because of the sentiment. When I asked them what they would actually like the main responses were:

  1. Something personalised from the children that CAN be used
  2. Not always flowers
  3. No kitchen equipment/vacuum/iron

I once got a popcorn machine and a toastie machine. Say. No. More.

Think about what she loves most, what she loves to do with her free time (if she has any) and what she is likely to actually use or wear on a daily basis. There are some super thoughtful gift companies online now that will help you how to think a bit outside the box! One of my personal favorites is ‘Don’t Buy Her Flowers’  – the name says it all!


So there you have it, 5 simple and thoughtful ideas for this Mother’s Day that will give her the WOW factor.

If you are really honest with yourself, it doesn’t really take much does it?

thoughtful ideas for mother’s day
thoughtful ideas for mother’s day