Toddler Art Activity with the Tape

toddler art activity

This toddler art activity with the tape happened by accident. I was on another project with my preschooler using tape.

I noticed how my 18 month old was interested in the tape. He liked touching the sticky part and trying to put things on it. I am instantly creating a project and invitation to play for my toddler as soon as I see he has interest in something.

It took me 5 minutes to get everything ready.

So to prepare the this toddler art activity:  toddler art activity

  • I grabbed piece of cardboard
  • I got some tape (clear), which I put on the cardboard the non-sticky side down and attached on the other side of the board with the sticky tape side.
  • I found some food scraps from our compost bin. ( Or you can use whatever sticks to the tape).


When picking what to stick on the tape I tried to get different texture materials. My son enjoyed crushing cereal when he was sticking on the tape. He tried to push the orange peel down so it won’t be sticking out. toddler art activity

After the sticking part was done he was very interested to look what’s under the tape. We could see both sides of of the stuck items.

toddler art activity

We were both pleased how this toddler art activity with the tape turned out.

toddler art activity


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