To Make Toddler Motor Skills Toy will take you 5 minutes

toddler motor skills activity

The other day I noticed my toddler playing with the shoe strings. It seemed like the most interesting part of it was the pulling one string so the other disappears and then doing opposite again.

So instead of letting my child continue to play his perfect game with the shoe strings I rush to make a toy (I truly wish I would stop doing that).

However, the good news is that I made the toy and it turned out a hit.

What I loved about this Toddler Motor Skills Toy

  1. It took me 5 minutes to make it.
  2. It cost me nothing to make it
  3. My son loved the toy so much he played with it few times that day (that’s huge for a toddler).
  4. It doesn’t look pretty, but it sure does its job:
  • fine motor activity
  • fun activity that keeps a super active toddler on the ground for few minutes at a time.

What else could a mother ask, right?

What I used:

  • Cardboard
  • Screw driver (to make holes)
  • Fabric strings (ideally you could use shoe strings if you have extra at home)

What I did: 

  1. Made random holes in the cardboard with the screw driver (I know, it’s weird to make wholes with this tool, but it was THE TOOL on hand).
  2. Got some fabric strings that I cut up myself for another project.
  3. Tied the knot on one of the end of the string, put it through the hole and tied the other knot.
  4. Some strings I put through few holes to create different motor activities. Make sure to tie the knot on both ends.

toddler motor skills activity toy

This is how it tuned out:

fine motor skills a ctivity toy

How my toddler played:

toddler motor skills activity toyAfter some string pulling he decided this could be also … rain. toddler motor skills activity toyI was not gonna have this post go ‘on air’ because of its esthetic looks. But I reconsidered this after I saw my son playing with it numerous times and really enjoying it and practicing his motor skills.

I would say it’s one ugly but very lovely toddler motor skills toy. Try it. All you have to loose is 5 minutes.




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