Toddler Stamping Art with my Decorative Crochet Coaster

stamping art activity


Toddler stamping art doesn’t always have to involve cut up veggies or store bought plastic stampers.

Don’t get me wrong, I still think vegetable stamping and special stampers are cool, but with them on the table it does get harder to interest children to create some art.

Toddler stamping art with crochet coaster

Crochet Coaster is my new stamping tool.  My family is from Europe where they (those decorative place mats that you put under the cup of tea when the guest comes) are still popular at some households. And they are worth the popularity. Have you looked at all the detail, the sequence and the prettiness those things have?

However, through years I have collected a pretty good stack of those. (Thanks, Grandma). But, honestly, I don’t use them in my house as a decoration (Sorry, Grandma).

But I am super excited to finally find a good practical way how to use them.


Here is what we used:

  • crochet coaster
  • something with flat surface ( I used lids, but you can also use toy blocks)
  • rubber bands to tie the coasters on the lids
  • paint (we tried water colors)


Here is how we prepared:

toddler stamping art

Here is what we did:

We stamped…

todler stamping art

and stamped…


  and then we dipped in the pain… todler stamping art

To get this! crochetstampingart9


todler stamping art

We were really happy how it turned out

My toddler was chocked every time he would make an imprint with our “crochet coaster stamper”.  He could not believe how simple it was to get something so pretty.

To preschooler was very inspired by the idea of using crochet coaster as a stamping art tool. I hope she learned from this (once again) to have an open mind when choosing and using different tools to make art.

I love how my toddler (and this time – my Grandma) inspired me to find different stamping tools.

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