Unique Spelling Activities For Kids

Spelling activities doesn’t have to be boring. I have always been a firm believer that children learn best from play and exploring. And  it’s our job as parents and teachers to be creative and help children learn naturally, while they are playing.

spelling activities collage

I have collected some of the best, most unique and most helpful (at least to my little preschooler) Spelling Activities for you to choose from. I have used most of them and they are really fun.

  • All of them involve some kind of play or a toy, so the spelling comes in naturally.
  • Most of the activities involve objects that kids can actually feel.
  • All the activities help to practice motor skills.


1. Lego Mega Blocks Spelling Activity.

Who doesn’t like playing with blocks? It’s so easy to motivate and encourage to learn and build new words when they are playing at the same time. You can either print out the alphabet, cut the letters and tape them on the blocks or, simply write the letters on the blocks and wipe it off if/when you don’t need them anymore.

spelling activity with blocks

2. Spinning spelling activity.

This one is very cool and simple to make. Your tool box or a quick trip to a hardware store will get the things you need for this super fun activity.

Spin, match and create new words.

I love this idea because it’s so easy to carry around. It’s perfect for travel activities.spelling activities

3. Make your own Spelling Puzzle.

All you need is puzzle and a marker. The puzzle pieces will give some hints in forming words.

It’s a 2 in 1 activity.spelling activities


4. Play with Spelling Stones.

This activity is great for kids because it’s so easy to fix the spelling mistake they make. No erasing needed there.

Just replace the stone. There are a lot of different possibilities with this activity to challenge a better spelling.

And the stones are just so pretty to look at and good to feel when you hold.spellingactivities

5.   Spelling with M&M’s. It’s definitely one yummy activity.

Print the dotted printable and let the children cover them with candy to recognize words. Make sure to keep the count on the candy since they may disappear pretty soon.

I believe this is one of the yummiest spelling activities of all.spelling words with M&M's

6. Building words with the cups.

It’s such a simple yet very beneficial spelling activity for children. Kids will be twisting and turning to find new words.spelling activity with cups


7.  Building words with cloth pins.

Kids will practice letter matching and word recognition. It’s a fun activity to practice motor skills and spelling of course.spelling activity with clothpins


8. Letter lacing spelling activity.

This activity has many variations as well.

I like that the kids can see the word written down on the card as well as the picture next to it to help them figure out the word easier. Perfect for beginner spellers.

Kids can spell their names, their friend’s names or just cute words and make a bracelet out of it.spelling activities

Spelling activities perfect for a class or a group of children


9.  Secret Code Spelling Activity. secret code spelling activity

This one is very fun and mysterious activity. It will require some writing skills already.

Let the child write a word and then draw a coded picture under every letter which will create a code that other kids will have to break.

Perfect for a classroom spelling activity or if you have few children at home.


10. Spelling Hopscotch. spelling hopscotch

Hopscotch is not only for numbers. As you see – it can be a fun spelling activity as well.

It’s a great physical activity as kids will be jumping the words out.

You can create your own rules and different activities with this spelling hopscotch game.

Maybe even add some music for extra entertainment…


Spelling activities and mistakes

Don’t forget, spelling and building words is just a first step to reading. It’s very important that kids feel the joy and don’t be afraid to make mistakes.

Here is a fun song about Spelling Mistakes. Take an opportunity to talk to your children about them and tell them that it’s OK to make spelling mistakes.

This video is for little older kids who are able to spell longer, more difficult words. I will admit, this video was very useful for me (my excuse – English is my 3rd language).



Learning should be fun. Not stressful. Let’s make it FUN.

Birute Efe

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  1. Thanks so much for including my C-V-C cups in such a great round up. I’m going to share with my circles now.

    1. Birute Efe

      No problem, Jodi. I love your blog, your ideas and activities.

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