Valentine craft for toddlers with cardboard stamps

Toddlers want to make their Valentine crafts too. And they are capable. Little preparation from mommy’s side will make the most fanciest valentine crafts of all. It can actually be framed.


As you might have noticed already we love making crafts from recycled materials. This time we made the crafting tools from them. Our cardboard stamps.

I used the thicker cardboard  (I think they are called corrugated fiber boards) from packaging boxes. I liked this cardboard because it gave the texture needed for our stamping activity.valentines craft for toddlers

  1. Using craft knife, cut out the desired letters or shapes for the stamps.
  2. Gently pull off the top thin “carton-ish” paper from the cardboard. This leaves you with the corrugated surface – perfect for our stamping.
  3. Glue the letters and the shapes on the square cardboard pieces.
  4. Stamps are ready. Poor some paint in larger containers so your toddler can easily dip the  stamps. valentinetoddlercraftToddlers usually love stamping art activities, because they can see a pretty result of their actions. They get encouraged to play and explore more.

valentinescrafttoddlers4Like I said above, the Valentine craft for toddlers might turn into a framed piece after the activity. It’s a great way to show your little one that his efforts are appreciated.

valentine craft for toddlers

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  1. Stopping by from the Parenting Pin it Party! Love this!!

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