Valentines Printable for a Homemade Card

As promised I am sharing another Valentines Printable for a homemade card your child can make. valentinesprintable3

For a Valentines Printable you will need:

  1. Print out the card
  2. Place the styrofoam heart on the top page of the card and mark so you can cut the heart out.
  3. Glue the styrofoam heart on the bottom of the page (through the hole you cut out).valentinesprintable1.
  4. Fill the card with ‘love’: stickers, I love you notes, glittered drawings and whatever your child thinks looks like love.valentinesprintable2I hope your kids enjoy making these Homemade Valentine Cards.

valentines printable

More Valentines Printables


Valentines DAy card printable

Check out our first homemade valentine card for kids to make where we used plastic bottle top.

It was great to use another recycled material for our craft.


acts of kindness for kids


Also, take a look at out Acts of Kindness for kids coupons that we made for my daughter’s friends.

She has been giving them (there are 9 coupons in my printable) and is currently busy being kind. It is perfect for Valentine’s Day gift.

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