Keeping them close when they are far away

There was a big change in our household this week. A change that our kids aren’t used to and honestly, I was a bit worried.

We were fatherless for entire 5 days.

Some may think it’s a regular and normal life for busy families. But it isn’t for us anymore. Me and my husband both work form home so our family is ALWAYS together. I mean ALWAYS. We run to the store together, do most of the chores together and we travel as a bunch. So naturally, the kids are used to both parents always being near by.stay close when far away

But this week my husband had an exciting business trip he had to go to and normally we would tag a long (because we always do), but since my due date isn’t too far away, I didn’t feel like having my feet swollen even more and my maternity pillow is just too good right now to pass on, even for a nice trip.

So here we are – fatherless for almost 1 week. 

What we did to help kids stay close to dad during his travel

Every day we  got things scheduled with daddy. They played games together, they read books before sleep and they send endless kisses and hugs basically whenever they wanted.


Thanks to  HomeTeam™ app by Panasonic we got it all and are handling fatherless week pretty good.

My daughter loves playing TIC TAC TOE. That’s the first game her father taught her. She could play it for hours. They did last night on HomeTeam app.



My son is obsessed with books right now. Any book is fine, as long as daddy is reading. And it is pretty exciting to him when he gets to listen to him over the computer or a tablet.


Honestly I think HomeTeam app is made for our family, because we have loved ones all over the world. We have been using different programs in the past, but HomeTeam has really helped kids to connect with grandparents, cousins and friends they left when we moved away.

If you would like to try the HomeTeam app you can use the first-month free trial (no credit card needed) and the then if you like it get it for $8.95 a month. For all the Disney books, games and unlimited video/voice chat, it’s super great deal.

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This post was sponsored by HomeTeam, but opinions are truly mine. 

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