What to do with styrofoam

what to do with styrofoam dollhouse

What to do with styrofoam? If you look it up this question online you will find a lot of ideas and advice on how to recycle styrofoam. It’s good and you should totally do it.

But before you consider any recycling options, please keep in mind that Styrofoam (especially big peaces) are super great for crafts and art with kids. In this post I am sharing how we turned one peace of styrofoam into a dollhouse. Let’s up-cycle!

styrofoam upcycling before and after

We used acrylic paint to color and decorate our Styrofoam dollhouse, but you can use anything you wish and have in your house. Sky is the limit here. Make sure to involve your kids in making this project. Let them pick the colors and design. It’s part of the activity and a lot of fun.

what to do with styrofoam preparation

So 1 hour and some painting later we got ourselves A HAPPY RESIDENCE!

what to do with styrofoam


What to do with Styrofoam?

what to do with styrofoam packaging

Toddler Play

What is great about this particular styrofoam project is that my toddler was able to play too. I gave a bucket of mega blocks and  he kept himself occupied for some time by putting the blocks “through the window”. It was great motor skill activity for him.


what to do with styrofoam toddler play


My daughter thought that windows (especially the big ones on top) are a perfect spot to have a puppet show or make her dollies do big speeches and announcements. And what it made even grater that she had plenty more little spots/windows for her other characters to pop up during a story.

Endless fun which also improves storytelling skills.


We just made this Happy Residence, but I can tell that it will stay in the house for a while. Kids loved it and had many ideas how to play with it.

Try it and next time you see a big styrofoam box, don’t just throw it away.

More Ideas about what to do with Styrofoam: Make a camera, fake snow or even a TV.



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  1. This is so impressive. It reminded me of my grandmother, who could always make amazing things out of the unexpected. I love the ideas your daughter had for playing with it too!

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