What to Make With Toilet Paper Rolls

what to make with toilet paper rolls

If you have been reading my blog for a little bit you would know that I am a big fan of crafting and creating activities using stuff around the house. Upcycling the recycled items bring me a lot of joy. Yeah, I know I am weird.

I am thankful that I finally got my family on board (OK, I will be honest, they were well trained) about collecting everything. Including toilet paper rolls. Or you can call them cardboard tubes. (It does sound nicer, doesn’t it?)

So if you are a little like me and have quite few toilet paper rolls/cardboard tubes you might be wondering:

What to make with toilet paper rolls

There are many many things, crafts and activities that involve toilet paper rolls. However, today I decide to share our recent Toilet Paper Roll Activity.

carboard tubes building

It’s simply building, stacking, designing and of course tearing it down. Sofia built a castle, a bridge, a house, a fence, a road and a tower. The possibilities are endless.

I loved watching my daughter stacking those rolls. She showed her big patience, motor skills and some determination (especially after the castle has collapsed numerous times).

cardboard tubes 3 cardboard tubes 4 Toilet paper rolls work like blocks. They are stack-able, but not too much to be very easy to do. It needs quite a steady hand, some planning ahead (since some rolls were different lengths). It can a good quite time activity. cardboard tubes 5It’s a simple activity, but it sure did occupy my preschooler for quite a while. And all I did, was just throw some toilet paper rolls on the floor and told her 2 inspiring words: “Build Something”.

For more ideas about what to make with toilet paper rolls check out my Pinterest Board. I am constantly collecting THE MOST original and practical uses for toilet paper rolls.

what to do with toilet paper rolls pinterest board

This post was written as a part of series I am participating in.  It’s called Project: Recycle & Create, where every month a group of bloggers create and share crafts and activities they did by recycling, upcycling, reusing materials. This month’s theme is toilet paper rolls/cardboard tubes.


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  1. Never thought of building with them! We have used them for tons of crafts…. Going to pin this to my cardboard tube board!

    1. Birute Efe

      Thanks. We have done a tone of those crafts too, so this one was a nice break and actually a fun activity

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